Tag pairs, brackets and editor overscroll are all included. Look no further than Textastic if you’re seeking for an affordable yet capable text editor for the Macintosh. If you’re looking for the lowest paid text-editor on this list, this is it. More than 80 source code and markup languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C, […]

Deserialization is a process that helps to transform JSON document to a runtime object. Once the data is available as a runtime object, then it can be parsed by using the .Net libraries. As Microsoft has not supplied the default data source for JSON files, we have to develop a custom/bespoke data source using the […]

Evernote offers a rigid notetaking structure that makes it easy to get your thoughts on the page. Formatting is similar to Word or Google Docs, which doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility, but it does keep your notes neat and tidy. Resizing issues results in blurred lines, which isn’t a problem in the other major […]

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